At last there’s somewhere to go on the web for up-to-date info and advice on work problems. troubleatwork.org.uk aims to help people who don’t know where to turn when things go pear-shaped – and if you’re a student with a part-time job, that probably means you! The site allows you, the user, to sift through questions and answers covering all aspects of employment, from how to motivate yourself and when to take screen breaks through to how to deal with a bullying boss or your rights to a written contract. If you tell us what you do and/or choose a keyword to what you’re looking for, our search engine will find your answer in a trice. You can also click ‘show all topics’ for a complete list of Q&As.; A lot of the information on the site is relevant to anyone working in the UK. But soon we’ll be adding new specialist sections for a wider range of jobs and people – so if you’re not a working student or a nursing student, and can’t find specific answers to your problem, check back soon. If you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland, please bear in mind that although your employment rights are identical to those in England and Wales, some legislation may differ. And remember: we do not offer a full statement of the law. Get advice from your trade union, Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Law Centre before taking any step that could put you in conflict with your employer. Trouble at Work is a joint initiative by UNISON, the public service union, and the National Union of Students. Drawing on UNISON’s skills and knowledge and developed with Poptel, the co-operative ISP, the Trouble at Work aims to become the best place on the Internet to find help and advice for work-based problems.